Episode 3 – The Anatomy of Prayer

I set out in spring with the idea of dedicating a post to the power of prayer in my life. I wanted to give thanks for the many times that my prayers have been answered. Simple, I thought but each time I put pen to paper, I felt it wasn’t fully what I wanted to say and I started again, and again, each time not satisfied. Finally, I reached into the Gospel According to Matthew to explore the model prayer Jesus taught us in his Sermon on the Mount. The post took shape from there, looking at each line in the Lords Prayer and considering it alongside some of the other messages Jesus shares with us at the beginning of his ministries.

Maybe the challenging circumstances of 2021 and my personal anxiety around them had a lot to do with where my focus fell and the messages I have pulled out to share. I certainly don’t want you to think this in any way a guide to studying the specific verses, I have shared. I’m simply sharing my particular thoughts as experienced on this part of my journey. I hope my video may inspire you to delve into the Gospel According to Matthew and consider what messages are there for you to discover. If you take the challenge, I’d love you to come back and share what you learn. In the meantime, if you’d like to know what I discovered on my journey, jump into the video

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